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Work with the best-known rental property management company in Poland

Our company was the first to offer rental property management services to clients on a nationwide scale.
We have been setting standards and trends in the market for 15 years
More than
2 500
The number of flats
under our management
1 250 000 000 PLN
The amount
we have so far paid to the owners of the flats under our care
500 000 000 PLN
The amount we have so far paid to the owners
of the flats under our care
Acquire new clients

How can we help you attract clients to your investment?

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Raising the prestige of your investment through the involvement of the renowned partner
Sun & Snow’s involvement in your project serves as a message to potential clients that an external, reputable organisation has deemed your development project profitable and deserving of recommendation on the basis of a professional calculation.
Profitability forecasts based on historical data and market situation
Each client considering the purchase of a flat from your project will receive precise forecasts regarding the profitability of such an investment. We have both a unique base of historical data as well as know-how in terms of estimating ROI in the property market. Being provided with forecasts from a reliable source can often be the decisive factor in making a purchase.
Marketing support
Sun & Snow prepares professional information and promotional materials both for the website of a given developer and for potential clients – in line with our best, proven practices. We know how to attract clients to your investment.
We convince potential clients to purchase flats
We have sold more than 1,500 flats in various locations in Poland. In many cases, our clients are professional investors and people who regularly buy flats. We maintain ongoing contact with numerous investors for whom our involvement in your development project constitutes a recommendation to make a purchase.
We help create properties
that are incredibly easy to rent. Ensure the satisfaction of your clients.
The average length of our cooperation with flat owners is 4 years and 9 months (1,727 days).

Let’s work together

Anna Romanowska
Business Development Director
Responsible for direct contact with developers. Anna has 13 years of experience in the industry – for the last 2 years, she has held the position of the Business Development Director, ensuring that Sun & Snow steadily and systematically increases its reach by working with the best developers in the country.
At Sun & Snow, we fully understand the needs of investors hoping to maximise their profits – we know what is important to buyers and what determines their decision to make a particular purchase. We share this knowledge with the developers who work with us, thus helping them to sell flats at the highest possible prices for a given location and within a reasonable timeframe. We are trusted by both developers and their clients, who stay with us for years as owners of the flats that we manage. We have cooperated with more than 50 developers and have managed properties worth PLN 1 billion. For 15 years, we have been setting standards in the rental property management market, professionalising it and contributing to its development across the country – from Hel to Zakopane.

We invite developers to cooperate with us – preferably already at the stage of planning an investment. In such a situation, the participation of our experts makes it easier to optimally prepare a given property in a way that maximises revenue from its sale.
Marcin Dumania
President of the Management Board of Sun & Snow
One of the leading experts within the ever-growing segment of the property market. Co-founder of Sun & Snow, which since 2008 has turned into an organisation managing over 2,500 flats in 50 tourist locations. He spent many years working at major global consulting firms: Deloitte, A.T. Kearney, Accenture and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.
The market for the purchase of flats for rent in Poland continues to develop. At the same time, the awareness of flat buyers in relation to the factors affecting the profitability of the purchased properties is also steadily increasing. Clients pay attention to every single detail with the aim of finding investments which are most likely to generate the highest possible rate of return. In order to attract investors and sell them flats at prices that are optimal in a given location, it is necessary to have both accurate ROI forecasts and knowledge of how to perfectly prepare an investment for rental purposes.

By working with Sun & Snow, developers can obtain such knowledge and make use of it. At the same time, our company’s involvement in the creation and promotion of a given development project sends a clear signal to investors that it is worth putting money into such a project. Sun & Snow is known for carefully selecting properties and, in short, operating in locations offering full occupancy, with guests who are willing to pay a good price for a stay.

Our clients:


What do developers say about us?

From my point of view as a developer, Sun & Snow is a reliable business partner that has a common goal not only with me but also with my client – to prepare the investments in such a way as to ensure that they are attractive to potential tenants and maintain a high market value for as long as possible I find this very important, because flats developed under such projects can be sold more quickly and at good prices. Sun & Snow obtains flats which are popular both among tourists as well as business tenants.

At the same time, an investor gets a flat that generates reasonable, regular income and provides the certainty of a good price in the event of a decision to sell. In other words, everyone is satisfied. Sun & Snow has knowledge and experience that are virtually unparalleled in the industry. Another aspect is the quality of the collaboration, which is at a remarkably high level – and I am certainly not alone in this opinion. Sun & Snow offers professionals who give us a lot of attention. We are supported by the company for whom we are not just one of many clients.

Katarzyna Kęsik-Rudzka
Geo Eco Apartamenty
We manage flats in 56 locations.
We have 70 regional representatives
Maximise your profits

What do developers say about us?

Sun & Snow to z mojego punktu widzenia, jako dewelopera, rzetelny partner w biznesie który ma wspólny cel nie tylko ze mną, ale także z moim klientem. Tym celem jest takie przygotowanie inwestycji, aby była atrakcyjnym przedmiotem wynajmu i utrzymywała jak najdłużej wysoką wartość na rynku. Dla mnie to ważne, bo apartamenty w takich projektach można sprzedać szybciej i po dobrych cenach. Sun & Snow otrzymuje lokale, które cieszą się popularnością u turystów oraz najemców biznesowych.

Z kolei inwestor dostaje w takiej sytuacji apartament który przynosi godziwe, regularne przychody, a w przypadku decyzji o sprzedaży, można będzie uzyskać za niego dobrą cenę. Wszyscy są zadowoleni. Sun & Snow dysponuje wiedzą i doświadczeniem, które w branży nie ma praktycznie odpowiednika. Osobny temat to jakość współpracy, która jest nie tylko moim zdaniem, na bardzo wysokim poziomie. Po stronie Sun & Snow są fachowcy, którzy poświęcają nam dużo uwagi. Mamy opiekuna, dla którego nie jesteśmy jednym z wielu klientów.

Katarzyna Kęsik-Rudzka
Geo Eco Apartamenty
We manage flats in 56 locations.
We have 70 regional representatives
Maximise your profits

Maximise profits
from your development project

Contact us at the initial stage of developing a construction project
We will help you maximise profits and improve sales at every stage of your project's development. The sooner our cooperation with a developer begins, the better the results.
Establishing collaboration with Sun & Snow at the stage of planning a development project ensures:
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Access to Sun & Snow’s consultancy services
You will benefit from our consultancy services for developers and gain access to market analyses. Our experts will be available to advise you on how to both maximise developer profits and optimise the sales prices and the terms of contracts with your clients.
Optimal preparation
of the property for sale
We will offer advice on how to plan and furnish your property so that you achieve the highest possible rate of return. We will give feedback on your project. We will help you choose the most profitable floor area and furnishing of each flat. We will provide you with data on the influence of the design of the common areas on both the increase in revenue as well as the rate of return on investment. This will translate directly into the improved sales of your flats.
Possibility to include Sun & Snow
as a project investor
We can join your development project as a co-investor. In this case, we will offer you individual terms of collaboration. We will ensure that such a joint venture results in attractive flats that are easy to sell and rent.

Get in touch with us. Let's discuss collaboration opportunities!